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one hit wonders, space studio and gallery, whanganui

Posted in exhibitions, furniture, objects, plywood by catherine macdonald on December 1, 2016
Space Studio & Gallery invites you to...
One Hit Wonders

36 work each

Nicola Gregory/ Stanley Manthyng/ Graham Hall/ Craig Sharp/ Leonie Sharp/ 
Pam Sears/ Glen Hayward/ Sheila Pearson/ Cat Sleyer/ Cecelia Kumeroa/ 
Tracey Piercy/ Deanna Randell/ Carmen Simmonds/ Katherine Claypole/ 
Becka Lee briggs/ Ivan Vostiner/ Sandra Louwrens de Kock/Su Hendeles/ 
Rachael Garland/ Tom Turner/ Nevanah Turner/ Vanessa Edwards/ Triona Coonihan/ 
Stacey Hildreth/ Mark Rayner/ MB Stoneman/ Lindsay Marsh/ Emma Cunningham/ 
Frances Stachl/ Lynn Hurst/ Paul Rayner/ Tom Seaman/ Catherine Macdonald/ Si Omer/ 
Jack Marsden Mayer/ Hemi Kiwikiwi

Opens 5.30pm, this Saturday, 3rd December

Viewing until 16th December

more details available on the gallery website:

I have the following work taking part:

table, 2016

table, 2016

table, 2016

table, 2016

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