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An Artist’s Response, space studio & gallery, whanganui

Posted in books, drawing, exhibitions, paper by catherine macdonald on February 17, 2017
I'm taking part in this show - part of whanganui's La Fiesta - opening event tonite.



Show contains artistic response's to anonymous 6 word memoirs written by local 
women as part of the 2016 festival
Here's and image of my piece: (note: it contains bad language 
- in my defence it's a quote)



Name: Catherine Macdonald

Title: FUCK OFF NOW!/please don’t leave

Year: 2017

Medium: Book - double sided

Price: $ 30.00 each

Dimensions: 90mm x 63mm x 15mm (h x w x d)

Memoir: FUCK OFF NOW! please don’t leave

Statement: FUCK OFF NOW! please don’t leave. For me these six words sum up 
how contradictory love and relationships can be.  How in one person can be 
someone you never want to see again but also be afraid to live without. 
These seemingly opposing thoughts can exist back to back.  I’ve chosen to 
create a small palm sized book that contains scenes from daily life, the 
little things, the discarded, the overlooked, that create the memories 
and reminders of time spent.

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