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one hit wonder, space studio & gallery, whanganui

Posted in drawing, exhibitions, furniture by catherine macdonald on August 20, 2017
Space Gallery Website
I have a table taking part in the following:

Space Studio & Gallery warmly invites you to...

One Hit Wonder

20 Artists/1 Work

(drawing by margaret silverwood)

One Hit Wonder

Experience the creative delights of Winter Wonderfest 
with this dynamic exhibition featuring a host of 
local talent:

Frances Stachl/ Nicola Gregory/ Craig Sharp/ Leonie Sharp/ 
Jodi Clark/ Kaye Coombs/ Sandra Grieve- The Felted Room/ 
Margaret Silverwood (Featured above)/ Rachael Garland/ 
Mark Rayner/ Cecelia Kumeroa/ Mike Marsh/ Paul Rayner/ 
Sandy De Kock/ Glen Hutchins/ Catherine Macdonald/ 
Leigh Anderton-Hall/ Eva Harkness/ Lynn Hurst/ 
Amy Blackburn

Opens 5.30pm, this Saturday, 19th August

Viewing until 1st September

Space Studio & Gallery

64 Taupo Quay, Whanganui, 4500
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