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2017 belton, smith & associates ltd whanganui arts review , sarjeant gallery

Posted in drawing, exhibitions, furniture by catherine macdonald on March 16, 2017
more info here:

I have this work taking part:

arts review 2017







artists open studios, 2017, whanganui

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studios open throughout whanganui over the weekends of

march 25th &26th and april 1st & 2nd

more info available here:


artists open studios

An Artist’s Response, space studio & gallery, whanganui

Posted in books, drawing, exhibitions, paper by catherine macdonald on February 17, 2017
I'm taking part in this show - part of whanganui's La Fiesta - opening event tonite.



Show contains artistic response's to anonymous 6 word memoirs written by local 
women as part of the 2016 festival
Here's and image of my piece: (note: it contains bad language 
- in my defence it's a quote)



Name: Catherine Macdonald

Title: FUCK OFF NOW!/please don’t leave

Year: 2017

Medium: Book - double sided

Price: $ 30.00 each

Dimensions: 90mm x 63mm x 15mm (h x w x d)

Memoir: FUCK OFF NOW! please don’t leave

Statement: FUCK OFF NOW! please don’t leave. For me these six words sum up 
how contradictory love and relationships can be.  How in one person can be 
someone you never want to see again but also be afraid to live without. 
These seemingly opposing thoughts can exist back to back.  I’ve chosen to 
create a small palm sized book that contains scenes from daily life, the 
little things, the discarded, the overlooked, that create the memories 
and reminders of time spent.

across the ditch, taylor jensen gallery, palmerston north

Posted in exhibitions, paper, prints by catherine macdonald on January 28, 2017
this show opens on the 4th Feb 1pm-3pm in palmerston north
I have a drypoint taking part in it.





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whanganui river print exhibition, edith gallery col, whanganui

Posted in exhibitions, paper, prints by catherine macdonald on January 7, 2017
a chance to see all the printed blocks, for further information check out the website:



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plate oh! rayner brother’s gallery, whanganui

Posted in ceramics, drawing, exhibitions, objects, Uncategorized by catherine macdonald on December 11, 2016

if you are in whanganui over the next weeks check this out:Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 1.54.41 pm.png

visit their facbook page for further info:


here’s my contributions front:


and here’s its back:


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whanganui river print, whanganui

Posted in paper, prints by catherine macdonald on December 11, 2016
big printing session last sunday - here are a shot of the print 
all 22meters of it:
river print

river print

here's a link to the wanganui chronicle video where you get to walk the 
length of the river in 1minute and 23 seconds and here graham hall do 
some explaining:
wanganui-chronicle - river print

also check out the website for close up images:

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river print, whanganui

Posted in paper, prints by catherine macdonald on December 2, 2016

a collaboritive woodcut print of the entire whanganui river

more details available from here:


here’s a shot of my block being printed by project organiser graham hall at the proofing session:

g hall printer

g hall printer

g hall printer

g hall printer

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one hit wonders, space studio and gallery, whanganui

Posted in exhibitions, furniture, objects, plywood by catherine macdonald on December 1, 2016
Space Studio & Gallery invites you to...
One Hit Wonders

36 work each

Nicola Gregory/ Stanley Manthyng/ Graham Hall/ Craig Sharp/ Leonie Sharp/ 
Pam Sears/ Glen Hayward/ Sheila Pearson/ Cat Sleyer/ Cecelia Kumeroa/ 
Tracey Piercy/ Deanna Randell/ Carmen Simmonds/ Katherine Claypole/ 
Becka Lee briggs/ Ivan Vostiner/ Sandra Louwrens de Kock/Su Hendeles/ 
Rachael Garland/ Tom Turner/ Nevanah Turner/ Vanessa Edwards/ Triona Coonihan/ 
Stacey Hildreth/ Mark Rayner/ MB Stoneman/ Lindsay Marsh/ Emma Cunningham/ 
Frances Stachl/ Lynn Hurst/ Paul Rayner/ Tom Seaman/ Catherine Macdonald/ Si Omer/ 
Jack Marsden Mayer/ Hemi Kiwikiwi

Opens 5.30pm, this Saturday, 3rd December

Viewing until 16th December

more details available on the gallery website:

I have the following work taking part:

table, 2016

table, 2016

table, 2016

table, 2016

taranaki art awards,, sandfords events centre, opunake, taranaki, nz

Posted in drawing, exhibitions, furniture, paper, Still Life by catherine macdonald on October 30, 2016
Exhibition open daily between 10am-4pm from 
Saturday 29 October through Saturday 5 November

link to their facebook page:
link to their website:
the taranaki art awards opened on friday nite, a big thank you to the organisers
and sponsers - it was a lovely evening.
This table is in the 3D section and got a placing:

Place/setting,206, table











this drawing is in the works on paper section:

they just looked good together

they just looked good together